Quest For Synergies In 2016

As HEDAC continues to advance education in Honduras we are reaching out to other organizations to find synergies that will help us be more effective. One such organization in Tegucigalpa, ACOES, shares our objective of helping Honduran children achieve their full potential.

Our initial meeting with ACOES was truly impressive.  They built their facilities in the slums of Tegucigalpa to give these children a chance at life. They not only provide education but also meals, dormitories, and instill a sense of caring for others. This organization was founded by Father Patricio (from Spain) and is primarily run by the students themselves. Acoes has over 42 projects the kids help design and manage, giving them a sense of self-worth.  From designing programs, researching vendors, ordering supplies, bookkeeping, creating and reviewing reports, to conducting audits of the entire business – the students themselves manage the organization.

In the first quarter of 2016, we will send our Honduras team to tour their organization to discuss and share our mutual experiences as we strive to leverage the contributions of our supporters.




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