Monday, May 30, 2016

Meeting with office of Minister of Education

Lorena, Ken, Marcy, Omar, Maritza, Steve
Saul Morales (Procurement) – (English), Ariel Lopez (Dir. Construction) , Lisandro Vallecio (Executive Asst), Irma Lazo (State Educational Superintendent)

A very positive meeting in Tegucigalpa Honduras, exploring how we can work together to bring the vocational technical center to fruition.  This partnership has potential but we are waiting for copy of their agreement that defines their requirements of us.  The upside of working with them is the potential for architectural services, construction oversight and provision of instructors. We are waiting to receive a copy of their agreement (contract) to fully understand the ramifications of a partnership.

Meeting with Coneanfo

Lorena, Ken, Marcy, Omar, Maritza, Steve
Alexis Ordones, Suyapa Barahona, Sandra Dominguez


Coneanfo explained how we might work together to offer our vocational technical students student counseling and job preparation program using their instructors and methodology.


Meeting with INFOP

We provided a 15 year historical overview and discussed how we can work with them to provide instruction and accreditation for various trades taught. They have a wealth of programs that we can take advantage of. We are waiting to get their 114 page manual translated to fully understand our options. This however seems to be a very promising partnership.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Meeting with our attorney Casco and Associates and a prospective Accountant


Reviewed steps for completing the government paperwork to finish up NGO process, application for tax exempt status, and next step for accounting system set up.


Second meeting with INFOP regarding cooking program and classes

Lorena, Ken, Marcy, Omar, Maritza, Steve
Revisited INFOP with a tour of facility with cooking programs (also computer and beauty salon).

INFOP offers a culinary program methodology, classes and instructors we may be able to use for our kitchen at Centro de Estrellas.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Meetings with Vice Minister Education and Director NGO / Private Schools

Lorena, Ken, Omar, Maritza, Steve
Vice Minister Elia Del Cid, Maria Ela Monje, Assistant of Vice Minister,


This meeting helped us better understand how we might work with the Minister of Education whose primary focus is on traditional education within the national school system and introduced us to the NGO and private school resources as potential partners as well.

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