voc-techThe vocational / technical center project conceived and directed by Marcy Spector has been bogged down in a Honduran bureaucratic nightmare, seeming to almost die then getting resurrected – several times.

The current president of Honduras, in his earlier role as President of Congress, agreed verbally via phone with Marcy to provide funds for the purchase of land for a vocational/technical center. There was a rather long lag time for the funds to become available, excruciatingly slow for us.

Those funds needed to be paid to the municipality because by law the monies must be paid to a Honduran institution. The municipality under a written agreement committed those funds to a HEDAC sponsored vocational / technical center. After over a year, the funds were paid to the municipality for the purchase of land.

The wheels of bureaucracy turn very slowly in Honduras.

By law the municipality had to propose 3 optional properties and HEDAC and the municipality would choose among those three. There was a difference of opinion between HEDAC and the municipality as to which property was best suited for the center and in a rather contentious meeting at a municipal meeting with HEDAC, Marcy battled the powers and our property of preference was chosen and purchased. The title is currently held by the municipality but obligated to HEDAC for construction of a vocational center.

Before committing donor’s funds to building the center, HEDAC is insisting that the title for the property be in HEDAC’s name, at least temporarily. We say temporarily because it may make more sense to separate out the vocational / technical center as a separate entity (with a separate board) allowing each of us to focus on our specific areas. With that said, we are waiting for our NGO application to move through the bureaucracy so HEDAC can take title. Once we have title, then construction can begin.

In summary, our plans for a vocational / technical school are moving forward at a snail’s pace. While there is no guarantee of success there is optimism that we can break ground in 2015.

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