Preparing Honduran Children to Thrive in Honduras


For over 20 years, HEDAC has been making a difference.

Our mission is to give Honduran families an alternative to risking the perilous, life-threatening journey to the United States through education and entrepreneurial programing.



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HEDAC’s 20 year history in a timeline

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We Believe

We believe that the life of a child in Honduras has the same value of the life of a child in any other country.

We believe that the people of the communities we serve know best what they need. 

We believe that only when communities commit to partnering with us can success be achieved.

We believe that working toward sustainability is the only way to insure our efforts outlive our presence in our communities.

Who we are


HEDAC’ mission is to instill in the minds of Honduran children (and their parents) a sense of hope and inspiration that empowers them to create a better future for themselves  so they never feel they have to leave their country in order to thrive.


Our vision is the creation of an entrepreneurial based educational infrastructure of self-maintaining programs where children engage in educational, social and entrepreneurial activities preparing them for the real world. An operational model transferable to other communities throughout Honduras.


Leverage our existing 13 year old infrastructure with more relevent after school programming, build voc/tec center on land already acquired, and  offer entrepreneurial projects where students apply what they are learning with microfinancing opportunities.


  • 14 schools supported
  • Provided 196 Scholarships
  • After School Programing
  • Offer Pre-K and Kinder
  • Culinerary School
  • Teacher Training
  • Voc/Tec land acquired

Together We Have the Power to Impact The Future by Helping Others.

HEDAC’s evolution over the past 19 years has been defined primarily by listening to the needs of the communities we serve and secondarily by observation. That evolution started in 1999 with a focus on  providing food, clothing and toys as a result of Hurricane Mitch and has morphed into multiple programs including improving schools in 14 communities through assistance in facility repair, providing student supplies and teacher training. This led us down the road of offering a scholarship program to keep kids from dropping out after 6th grade, and in 2012 the building of an after-school facility to keep kids off the streets. Centro de Estellas (the after-school facility) offers all kinds of activities plus a library, computer and media room.

All the media coverage highlighting migration issues clearly cries out for solutions. Our plans for 2019 include leveraging the infrastructure and relationships we have already built towards preparing children to adopt an entrepreneurial outlook for their futures thereby instilling a sense of hope and opportunity to thrive in their own country.

Our Top Priorities

The migration of Honduran families in the news is evidence of the hopelessness that exists in many corners of Honduras. HEDAC offers an opportunity for everyone to work together to mitigate the dangers associated with migratioin. 

HEDAC’s mission has been to advance education over the last 13 years. To that end we have built an infrastructure that can be leveraged to more directly impact one of the major causes of migration – the basic need to support one’s family. Our plan for 2019 is to re-evaluate our programming in context of entrepreneurialism. If you have an interest and/or an expertise in any of the following program areas and would like to help craft entrepreneurial programs – lets talk.

Nutrition and culinary classes

Comercial grade kitchen for serving meals and teaching…

After School Programming...

Introducing new activities and best practices…

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