1 Pandemic + 2 Major Hurricanes Wreak Havoc in Honduras

     Excerpt from a sister Honduran NFP organization, Central American Medical Organization, (CAMO.ORG)

All of us have had our world flipped upside down in 2020. This includes the people we serve. Only a short distance from us the people of Central America have suffered the pandemic and two back-to-back hurricanes.

These hurricanes affected 3.5 million people; homes flooded to the rooftops; buildings, bridges, roads, communities, and crops completely swept away. Over 132,000 people are in shelters. A great number of families have lost everything and are now unable to access essential health services in the midst of an uncontrolled pandemic. Due to limited space in overcrowded shelters and lack of personal hygiene products and mask, COVID-19 cases are expected to surge in the aftermath of these two hurricanes.

It is now estimated that of a population of 9.5 million Hondurans, 6.9 million are expected to fall into extreme poverty.  We are left speechless seeing the devastation and hearing the reports coming from Honduras. We can hear it in their voices, the trembling, the frustration, the urgency. Unfortunately, these events have not been given any USA media attention. We have 51 employees on the ground in Honduras dedicated to rebuilding people’s lives and fighting the war against poverty and COVID.

HEDAC’s genesis was a result of Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Sadly, our communities, 20 years later, are again suffering as a result of Hurricane Eta plus Hurricane Iota all during a global pandemic.


Keeping kids in school during these trying times, often means extending support to the family. Here are several ways you can make a real difference in a family’s life during a very trying time.


Bridges and roads have been washed out and people are stuck on the roads waiting for a way to get home. In town people are helping each other traverse the flooded streets and rivers and helping each other moving their possessions to somewhere dry..

There is much need for help. If you would like to help we are accepting donations to provide relief to our communities for food supplies and building materials so people can begin repairing their lives.