Can you helps us improve lighting in all our rooms?

Left: Shows the lighting in our activity rooms using incandescent bulbs.
Right: Learning from past mistakes, we upgraded the lighting for the culinary classroom  with LED strip lights.

Lighting makes a huge difference in educational settings.

We need your help in raising $4000 to upgrade lighting.


Last year and this hear have been extremely challenging for our Honduras communities. Covid-19 and back to back hurricanes caused a tremendous amount of damage and our fundraising efforts too have suffered. We did not budget for improving the lighting for this year.

However, we are very thankful for The Russell Foundation in funding the entire expense of repairing our roof, floors, walls ceilings  from damage caused by rains and flooding at Centro de Estrellas, our after school facility. The Engineer that is doing the repair work informed us that since he is going to have to replace the ceiling damage in almost all rooms, we can save money in installing new ceiling wiring and lighting while doing this repair work.

If you can help us either by making a donation or passing this request along to others that would be very much appreciated. Note: Funds received in excess of the $4,000 will be used to help us replenish our general fund.