After School Programs

Centro de Estrellas is our after school facility located in the community of Cinco de Enero who donated the land for the project. They were looking for help in giving the children of Morazan a safe, secure and positive place to go when school is out.

 Below is a brief pictorial overview of the evolution of the project.

Land donated to HEDAC by community of Cinco de Enero for an after school facility.



May 2010

Joint construction project between community, municipality and HEDAC.


June 2012

Fence and building exterior midpoint in project.



August 2014

Students touring the after school facility prior to opening.


November 2014

View of Centro de Estrellas (after school facility) 4 years after opening.



July 2019

HEDAC’s after school facility library. 2000+ books, desks, computer access.

Computer Room provides free Internet access to students in the community.


Media Room and

Assembly Hall


1 of 5 Activity Rooms

Music, Arts and Crafts, Chess, Theater, Sewing, Dance, Martial Arts

Meeting Rooms, Teacher Lounge

Rooms available for parents, teachers and community leaders in Morazan for meetings,