We have achieved a major milestone with our first cohort of 18 students completing the introductory course in our culinary program.

We want to thank all our donors who have supported our efforts over the years to allow us to get to this point and in particular 3 foundations that made a major contribution to the construction and acquisition of appliances. The Russell Foundation,  The Spector Family Foundation and Avila in Action, St Teresa of Avila in Lincoln Park, Chicago stepped up big time and were instrumental in making this  4 year old vision a reality. 

Below is a photographic brief pictorial overview of the evolution of the kitchen project. The culinary school was paused in early 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic when all schools in Honduras were shut down.

First Baking Cohert



December 2019

Our first culinary program cohort, a group of 18 students, completing the first of 12 classes.



June 2019

Appliances installed and cafeteria tables arrived in container.



February 2019

Kitchen exterior painted.



January 2019

Kitchen interior showing completion of electric service, plumbing and gas.



July 2018

Kitchen shell and roofing exterior view



July 2018

Shopping for kitchen utensils to take in container



July 2018

Kitchen shell and roofing interior view



Jan 2018

Kitchen foundation poured



Nov 2017

Received grant from Avila in Action, St Teresa of Avila in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Oct 2017


Stewardship is rooted in the idea that all we have is a gift from God, and with grace we gratefully give back to God from what we have been given. In the same way the Church teaches these principles, the church itself strives to live by them. St. Teresa of Avila parish has historically given 3% of our collections to charities outside of our walls.

In 2015, the Stewardship Committee along with the Finance Council made a prayerful decision to increase our giving percentage to 6%, and to seek input from the parish on how the funds are distributed. This initiative has been named Avila in Action. Parishioners may nominate a charity of their choice to receive Avila in Action grant funds.


Visit to INFOP culinary program to establish a relationship



Oct 2016

Received Grant commitment from The Russell Foundation to launch the cooking school program. 


Nov 2015